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The Wake review on Absit Omen

“What really catches my attention right off the bat is V explosive vocals. The utter sound of hatred and disgust he puts into every lyric gives these songs their almost epic feel. His vocals demand your attention! Yet, it doesn’t seem like he’s being fake or over the top, which is something all too common with a lot of black metal.”

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The Wake review on Crossfire

“Hier ist für jeden etwas dabei. Das hier ist Black Metal, der sowohl den Fans der Neunziger als auch den zeitgemäßeren Black Metal-Fans von heute gerecht wird; ein guter Kompromiss!”

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The Wake review on Flight Of Pegasus

“Το πρώτο τους άλμπουμ έχει καλό ήχο, τα φωνητικά είναι πειστικά των διαθέσεων, εντοπίζονται και κάποια εκτελεστικά ολισθήματα που μάλλον θα βάλετε σε δεύτερη μοίρα.”

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The Wake review on Blog Thrower

“Non confondeteli coi Wake canadesi. È questa l’unica avvertenza con cui voglio presentare la band, che in realtà ha l’articolo determinativo davanti. Quindi The Wake, creatura metà rumena e metà tedesca, non c’è bisogno di perdersi in giri di parole inesistenti.”

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The Wake review on Mithra! Templezine

“Des invités de renom (un ex-The Oceans, un membre de Society’s Finest et Costin-Alexandru Chioreanu) et une production léchée achèveront de nous convaincre qu’on tient là un album de très très haute volée.”

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