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Vocalist & lyricist of the German-Romanian project The Wake

Blood & Fire Productions
bukovinian.ro / dobrogean.ro

The Wake review on Blog Thrower

“Non confondeteli coi Wake canadesi. È questa l’unica avvertenza con cui voglio presentare la band, che in realtà ha l’articolo determinativo davanti. Quindi The Wake, creatura metà rumena e metà tedesca, non c’è bisogno di perdersi in giri di parole inesistenti.”

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The Wake review on Mithra! Templezine

“Des invités de renom (un ex-The Oceans, un membre de Society’s Finest et Costin-Alexandru Chioreanu) et une production léchée achèveront de nous convaincre qu’on tient là un album de très très haute volée.”

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13 points out of 15

The Wake debut album “Earth’s Necropolis” reviewed and recommended by the editorial staff in the latest issue of German Legacy Magazine (13 points out of 15)!

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The Wake review on MetalEyes IYE

“In definitiva, Earth’s Necropolis è un altro album da non perdere per chi desidera ascoltare sonorità riconducibili ai primi Dissection e successiva genia svedese, il tutto reso peraltro con un gusto piuttosto personale.”

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The Wake review on Terra Relicta

“I got very pleased to know about the fraternal work spent by other musicians to assist in the conception of Earth’s Necropolis. Incidentally, I find this extremely valid, which shows how our metal legion joins together for the common good. In this regard, Costin-Alexandru Chioreanu from Bloodway appears in the track “Trial Against Humanity”, then Michael Pilat (ex-The Ocean) gave his pinch on “Earth’s Necropolis” and Joshua Kabe Ashworth (Society’s Finest, ex-Zao) on “Ship Of Hope”. Travis Smith who has done artwork for many established rock and metal bands, including Death, Devin Townsend, Katatonia, The Foreshadowing, Nevermore, Opeth, Anathema, and King Diamond among others, contributed with artwork in this release.”

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